Welcome to the Council of International Investigators’ educational website.  The fact that you are looking at this page shows that you are serious about increasing your knowledge in investigative, security, and business matters – exactly what this site’s goals and aims are.

The issues facing our clients continue to become more complex and require unique and sophisticated responses.  Many of our clients have issues that cross international borders and, since 1955, CII members have collectively worked to assist each other, providing effective solutions to complex problems.  In addition to having access to our members’ united skill sets, for over 60 years, The Council has been benefiting its members by offering superior training seminars and  leading edge articles of interest on the ever changing landscape of investigation and security.

At the same time, in these economic stressful times, we need to be progressive and adaptable in managing our own agencies.  Today’s business climate requires constant vigilance over the always shifting tides of business.

CII is proud to offer this site exclusively to CII members as a benefit of membership. We believe that this home for educational videos will augment our exceptional training by offering a variety of topics germane to investigation techniques; security systems and business skills.  We trust that you will both learn and enjoy as you become a more accomplished professional and business person.

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